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बड़े बुलियन कारोबारियों के खाते सीज

नोटबंदी के बाद से भारी मात्रा में सोने की बिक्री और अब नए नोटों की हेराफेरी के मामले की जांच के तहत एक्सिस बैंक ने देश के बड़े बुलियन कारोबारियों के खाते सीज कर दिए हैं। सीएनबीसी-आवाज़ को सूत्रों से जानकारी मिली है कि एक्सिस बैंक के अलावा कुछ दूसरे बैंकों ने भी इन कारोबारियों के खातों को सीज कर दिया है।
सूत्रों का दावा है कि इन कारोबारियों में रिद्धी सिद्धी बुलियन के पृथ्वीराज कोठारी का भी नाम शामिल है। दरअसल नोटबंदी के बाद सिर्फ दो-तीन दिनों में करीब 15 टन सोने की बिक्री की संभावना जताई गई है। कई बड़े बुलियन कारोबारियों पर पुराने नोट के बदले भारी मात्रा में सोना बेचने की आशंका जताई गई है। हाल ही में आयकर विभाग की जांच में इस बात का खुला भी हुआ है और इसीलिए इन कारोबारियों के खातों को सीज करना पड़ा है।

Asian shares wobble as investors await Fed, dollar dips

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Asian shares were on tenterhooks on Tuesday as investors awaited the Federal Reserve’s meeting that begins later in session for clues on the outlook for US monetary policy, while crude oil prices pulled back after their surge to 18-month highs. MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan edged up 0.1 percent in early trade, while Japan’s Nikkei stock index slid 0.5 percent as the dollar came off highs against the yen. 

The Fed is widely expected to hike interest rates for the first time in 2016 at a two-day meeting, with markets pricing in a nearly 100 percent chance of a quarter percentage point increase to the Fed’s target range of 0.25 to 0.50 percent. What matters most to investors is the Fed’s statement and economic projections, which will be examined for any signs of reaction to Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the November 8 US presidential election.

Indian ADRs: ICICI Bank, Infosys, Dr Reddy’s Lab down

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Indian ADRs ended mostly lower on Monday. In the IT space, Infosys shed 0.27 percent at USD 14.70 and Wipro was up 0.11 percent at USD 9.35. In the banking space, ICICI Bank fell 1.50 percent at USD 7.86 and HDFC Bank declined 0.31 percent at USD 63.30. In the other sectors, Tata Motors added 3.12 percent at USD 35.04 and Dr Reddy’s Laboratories shed 0.51 percent at USD 46.38.

Pulkit Trivedi Facebook India’s new Industry Director

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Facebook today announced the appointment of Pulkit Trivedi as Industry Director for e-commerce, retail, travel and financial services verticals. In his new role, Trivedi “will lead in building and maintaining strategic relationships with clients in the country”, Facebook India said in a statement here. Pulkit comes to Facebook with over 18 years of extensive industry experience covering sales, business development and partnerships for Indian and multinational technology companies such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM and HCL.

Most recently, Pulkit held the position of Head of Industry, e-commerce, at Google India and had been with the company since April 2012. He was responsible for driving a large business for Google India.

Long-term IT earnings growth seen in high single-digits

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Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric on H1B visas are less of an issue for the IT sector. IT sector will continue to wrestle with challenges regardless of the US president elect’s negative bias towards immigrant workers. Long-term earnings growth for IT may be in high-single digits at best. He believes there is more room for earnings corrections. In a normal case, India has a lot going for it domestically, he said, admitting that demonetization has created a disruptive effect.  ➤

There will be some colour in the third quarter earnings in January, he said. As regards RBI policy which kept the rates unchanged, he said it was a non-event. Although people were expecting a cut, they were cognizant of the real impact of cut will be minimal.

OMCs hit record high on rise in oil prices

Shares of oil marketing companies such as Oil Natural Gas Corporation and Oil India hit fresh 52-week high on the Bombay Stock Exchange following OPEC and Non-OPEC deal to cut crude oil production which pushed oil prices higher. Following surge in oil prices, shares of ONGC gained as much as 2.46 % to hit 52-week high in intra-day at Rs 314.45 apiece on Bombay Stock Exchange.

In a similar fashion, stocks of company rose 1.95% to Rs 312.75 apiece on the National Stock Exchange. Among others, Oil India surged 2.44% and touched 52-week high of Rs 453.80 per share on the BSE. Meanwhile, the broader benchmark BSE Sensex was trading at 26,620.40, down 126.78 points, or 0.47 %, at 12:14 hours.

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Growth in global coal demand to slow over next five years – IEA

Growth in global coal demand will slow over the next five years due to lower consumption in China and the United States and as renewable energy sources gain ground, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Monday.

The IEA said last year that the world’s top coal consumer, China, could be facing peak coal demand for the first time due to measures to cap coal use to tackle air pollution and curb excess supply.

“In China, coal demand is in structural and slow decline driven by a new economic growth model and diversification of coal,” the Paris-based IEA said in its medium-term coal market report. Click here and watch out the best Share and Stock Market recommendations or One missed call on @9303093093.

 Even though China’s consumption is likely to have peaked, the country will still be the largest coal user over the next five years.Its coal demand should decrease slightly to 2.816 billion tonnes of coal equivalent by 2021, compared to 2.896 billion tonnes of coal equivalent in 2014.

Globally, the IEA expects coal demand to total 5.636 billion tonnes by 2021, compared to 5.400 billion tonnes last year, when coal demand dropped for the first time this century.This equates to 0.6 % average annual growth from 2015 to 2021, below the 2.5 % average yearly growth over the past decade.

क्रूड में लगी आग, आगे कैसी रहेगी चाल

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ओपेक के बाद अब गैर-ओपेक देश भी कच्चे तेल का उत्पादन घटाने पर सहमत हो गए हैं और इसका नतीजा ये हुआ है कि ग्लोबल मार्केट में क्रूड का दाम पिछले 1.5 साल की ऊंचाई पर चला गया है। ब्रेंट 55 डॉलर का जादुई आंकड़ा पार चुका है। आमतौर पर इस महीने में दुनिया भर के बाजारों में कारोबार ठंडा पड़ने लगता है। लेकिन 15 साल में तेल उत्पादकों के बीच हुए करार ने पूरे बाजार को हैरत में डाल दिया है। अब नजर अमेरिका पर है, क्रूड पर उसकी क्या होगी पॉलिसी होगी और यहां से आगे कैसी रहेगी क्रूड की चाल, जानने के लिए लेकर आए हैं हम ये खास पेशकश।

                         इस साल ब्रेंट क्रूड में 119 फीसदी का उछाल आ चुका है। ब्रेंट क्रूड का भाव 26 डॉलर से बढ़कर 57 डॉलर पर पहुंच गया है। वहीं नायमैक्स पर डब्ल्यूटीआई क्रूड 54 डॉलर पर पहुंच गया है। दरअसल ओपेक और गैर-ओपेक देश उत्पादन घटाने पर सहमत हुए हैं, और इसी के चलते क्रूड के दाम में तेजी देखने को मिल रही है। जनवरी से ओपेक क्रूड का 12 लाख बैरल उत्पादन घटाएगा, जबकि गैर-ओपेक देश 5.58 लाख उत्पादन घटाएंगे। रूस उत्पादन घटाकर 1.094 करोड़ बैरल करेगा। अगले साल से ग्लोबल सप्लाई में 1.8 फीसदी की कटौती संभव है।

ओपेक की ओर से फिलहाल 3.36 करोड़ बैरल क्रूड का उत्पादन किया जा रहा है, जो जनवरी से घटकर 3.24 करोड़ बैरल पर आ जाएगा। वहीं रूस का अक्टूबर में क्रूड का उत्पादन 1.124 करोड़ बैरल था, जो अगले 6 महीने में घटकर 1.094 करोड़ बैरल होने का अनुमान है। ओपेक ने 12 लाख बैरल उत्पादन घटाने का फैसला किया है। जिसके तहत सऊदी अरब 40.5 फीसदी, इराक 17.5 फीसदी, यूएई 11.6 फीसदी, कुवैत 10 फीसदी और अन्य देश 20.4 फीसदी उत्पादन में कटौती करेंगे। क्रूड उत्पादक देशों में 15 साल बाद उत्पादन घटाने को लेकर सहमति बनी है।

हम आपको ओपेक के बारे में यहां बता रहे हैं, जो क्रूड उत्पादन करने वाले देशों का संगठन है। इस संगठन में फिलहाल 13 सदस्य देश हैं। दुनिया में 40 फीसदी क्रूड के मार्केट पर ओपेक का कब्जा है। ओपेक में सऊदी अरब की 40 फीसदी बाजार हिस्सेदारी है और इस संगठन में ज्यादातर खाड़ी के देश शामिल हैं। पिछले महीने इंडोनेशिया ओपेक से बाहर हो गया है।

Oil surges as non-OPEC,OPEC producers agree on output cuts

Oil prices jumped more than 5 % on Monday after OPEC and non-OPEC producers agreed to curb oil output and ease a global glut, while the U.S. dollar extended gains ahead of an expected rate hike this week.

                     Commodity currencies and energy shares were also pulled higher, adding to bullish sentiment after another day of strong gains on Wall Street on Friday.Energy and resources shares helped pull Australia’s benchmark share index up 0.3 percent, but MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan was flat after posting its biggest weekly rise in nearly three months last week.

“Investors who have been overweight cash and fixed interest are continuing to push stocks higher as confidence builds,” Ric Spooner, chief market analyst at CMC Markets in Sydney, said in a note.On Friday, a preliminary survey from the University of Michigan showed the U.S. consumer sentiment index at its highest since January 2015, which may spur the Fed to strike a confident tone on the economy’s outlook when it starts a two-day meeting on Tuesday for the final policy meeting of 2016.

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Futures markets have virtually priced in a rate increase this week while the greenback gained fresh legs from the data, posting a 10-month high against the Japanese yen and standing tall against a trade-weighted basket of its peers.The euro was trading near a one-year low against the dollar with the single currency changing hands at 1.053 per dollar. Analysts at BBH expect a rebound to 1.07 per dollar if the 1.05 level is not broken.

Gold Falls To 10-Mth Lows On Fed Rate Hike Bets

Gold prices touched their lowest in over 10 months on Monday, dragged down by expectations that a possible U.S. rate hike this week would curb demand for the safe-haven asset.

 Spot gold hit its lowest since Feb. 5 at $1,153.93 an ounce, before rising 0.1 percent on the day to $1,159.20 an ounce by 0309 GMT. It fell about 1 % on Friday.

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U.S. gold futures were also at 10-month lows, easing to $1,161.20 per ounce.

“The market is pessimistic on gold. Monetary policy dominates gold at this point of time. The Fed is going to tighten its grip. The interest rate hike is now written on the wall,” said Mark To, head of research at Hong Kong’s Wing Fung Financial Group.”What concerns most people is the change in monetary policy in 2017 and whether there will be any influence of Donald Trump on Janet Yellen,” said To, who expects further downside in prices below $1,100 and towards $1,080 levels, seen early this year.

Holdings of the SPDR Gold Trust, the world’s largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund, fell 0.38 % to 857.45 tonnes on Friday.