Bullish on IT sector, these shares can give 32% return

In the correction period of 2 months, IT stocks, especially Mid-dp IT stocks have been better performance. Mid-cap IT stocks have been growing at more than 8 per cent during this period. At the same time, the display of the LodgeCap Stocks has been stable. According to experts, there are signs of recovery in the IT sector, It is expected that in the upcoming Earning Season, you will get good numbers from the IT sector. They say that there is some consensus in the US market, but those whose exposure is not in the US, they expect good growth. At present, IT sector has strong Outlook in 2018. HCL Tech, Hexaware, Tata Elixie, TCS and Persistence system can get good returns.

Bullish on IT sector, these shares can give 32% return


Hope for good growth in 2018

Jagdish Thakkar, director of Fortune Fiscal, says that recovery is seen in the IT sector for the past few days. The display of mid-cap companies is better than the logcaps. They say those good mid-cap companies can see growth in the double-digits in the fourth quarter. The margin is expected to be high due to the base shortening, in which case stocks will also be used. Even after visa concurrence in the US, stability is also seen in the LodgeCap.Thakkar says that the policy that Trump had made about outsourcing is not being implemented. There is no consensus on imports in the US. In such a case, big companies will be serviced.

Midcap companies outlook better

Market expert Sachin Sarvade says that the performance of the Mid-Day IT sector will be better in 2018. Large-scale IT companies will not be as good as their consoles will remain with the US. They do not expect much revenue to be generated. But those IT companies who do not have much exposure outside will have good growth. Mid-cap companies do not have to worry about the market. At the same time, these companies are also exploring new markets.

Increased demand in markets worldwide

Sandeep Jain, Head Research Head of Trade Swift, says that the fourth quarter is expected to recover from the companies. He says that demand from the IT sector has been increasing in markets across the world. Companies are working better on trends such as cloud computing, digitization, and automation, which are being benefited by companies. However, there is some worry about H-1B visas. At the same time, there is no problem for the mid-cap companies.

What stocks invest in…

HCL Tech

HCL Tech Limited is a multinational IT service company. The company has offices in 34 countries. The company offers service in IT Consulting, Enterprise Transformation, Remote Infrastructure Management, In addition to Engineering, Cyber Security, and Digital and Analytics. The company has been benefiting from the focus of digitization on digitization.The company’s client base is strong. The company has succeeded in optimizing NextJen technology and monetizing the old acquisition. Jagdish Thakkar has expressed hope of 15% growth in the stock. At the same time, the brokerage house K.R. Choucse has set a target of Rs. 1276 for the stock. Current price is 968 rupees.

Tata Alexey

Sandeep Jain has advised investing in Tata Elexx with a target of 1300 rupees. The current price of the stock is Rs. 1004. Tata Alexey is a Tata Group company. The company offers design and tech service for product engineering and solutions. The company is in Broadcast, Transport, Communications, Industrial Design and Medical Business.

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