Buy Nifty, Apollo Tires and Voltas

ICICI Direct has asked to buy Nifty, Apollo Tyres and Voltas in today’s one-day futures trading.

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In today’s report, the broking firm has advised Nifty November Future to buy between Rs. 10625-10637. It is advisable to keep a target of 10656.0 / 10681.0 in this deal. The loss-cutting level (stop loss) is 10,604.00.

At the same time, it has advised buying Apollo Tires November Future between 230.00-231.00 rupees. It is advisable to keep the target of 232.80 / 235.10 in this deal. The loss rate (stop loss) is stated at Rs 228.10.

Voltas November Futures has been advised to buy between Rs 552.20-553.20. It is advisable to keep a target of 557.70 / 562.90 in this deal, whereas the loss rate (stop loss) is stated at Rs 547.40.

Keep in mind that this advice is for the November Future business.

Explanation: In these shares, the interest of the broking firm or its customers can be linked.

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