Buy Nifty, Hindustan Unilever and Exide

ICICI Direct has asked to buy Nifty, Hindustan Unilever and Exide in today’s one-day futures trading.

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In today’s report, the broking firm has advised buying Nifty November Future between 10182-10197. It is advisable to keep a goal of 10214.0 / 10239.0 in this deal. The loss-cutting level (stop loss) is 10,164.00.

At the same time, it has advised Hindustan Unilever to buy November Future between 1582.00 to 1586.00 rupees. It is advisable to keep the goal of Rs 1597.90 / 1612.20 in this deal. The loss rate (stop loss) is stated at Rs 1,569.80.

Exide November Future has been advised to buy between Rs 259.00-260.00. It is advisable to keep a target of 261.90 / 264.40 in this deal, while the loss rate (stop loss) is stated at Rs 257.10.

Keep in mind that this advice is for the November Future business.

Explanation: In these shares, the interest of the broking firm or its customers can be linked

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