Coal India’s power sector gets 7.1% increase in supply

According to the reports, in the first 11 months of the current financial year, the supply of government coal mining company Coal India to the electricity sector has increased by 7.1%.

In comparison to the 41.15 million tonnes of coal in the same period of last financial year, Coal India has sold 44.08 million tonnes of coal, which is about 2.93 crore tonnes more than the current year. 

Coal India’s electricity sector also increased the supply of reks. The company supplied more than 206.2 racks of 3.8% more than the average 198.7 rakes. Despite the increase in production of Coal India by 30.62 million tonnes and supply of 34.08 million tonnes, which is 10.1% in production and 7.4% increase in sales, on the end of October last year, 28 production stations of the country are facing a huge shortage of fossil fuels Had to face. After this, the Maharatna Company resolved to improve the situation of coal stocks in power plants.

The share of Coal India in the BSE opened at Rs 233.05 against the previous closed level of Rs 232.40 today. Its upper level in the business so far is Rs. 236.90. At around 11:11 pm, the shares of the company are trading at Rs 4.16, or 1.79%, at Rs 236.55.

In the last 52 weeks, the upper level of the company’s stock is Rs 311.10 and the lower level is Rs 212.00.

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