Equity Service- Selected shares of Rajesh Agarwal for Wednesday

Rajesh Agarwal, Head of Research, Om Capital, shares the shares of MCX, Bata India, Wipro, Divis Lab and Crompton Greaves for the one -day business on Wednesday. Have advised buying.

equity service

Rajesh Agrawal has advised buying MCX (783.00) with a target of 798.00 rupees and said to keep the loss-cutting level (stop loss) in this deal Rs 774.00. For Bata India (1003.05) he has advised that buy it with a target of Rs. 1030.00. The loss of losses in this shopping deal will be 982.00 rupees. Wipro (332.50) has been asked to buy with a target of Rs. 344.00 and it has a loss rate of 324.00 rupees.

Rajesh Agarwal has asked for the purchase of Divis Lab (1379.80) with a target price of Rs 1,400.00, while the loss rate in this deal is Rs. 1,364.00. He has advised buying Crompton Greaves (227.30) with a target of Rs 238.00 and advised to keep the loss cutting rate at Rs 220.00.

Keep in mind that this advice is for one-day business.

Explanation: In these shares, the interest of analysts or their clients may be linked.

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