Equity Service- Sell ​​Nifty, Jubilant Foodworks and Buy TCS

ICICI Direct has asked to sell Nifty, Jubilant Foodworks and buy in TCS in today’s one-day futures trading.

equity service

In today’s report, the broking firm has advised the Nifty to sell the September Future between 11575-11585 rupees. It is advisable to keep a target of 11555.0 / 11529.0 in this deal. The level of loss-cutting (stop loss) is stated to be 11,607.00.

It has also advised Jubilant Foodworks to sell September Future between Rs 1454.00-1460.00. It is advisable to keep the target of Rs 1443.30 / 1429.20 in this deal. The loss rate (stop loss) is stated at Rs 1,471.10.

TCS September Future has been advised to buy between 2103.00-2110.00 rupees. It is advisable to keep a target of 2127.40 / 2146.50 in this deal, while the loss rate (stop loss) is stated at Rs. 2,086.90.

Keep in mind that this advice is for the September Future business.

Explanation: In these shares, the interest of the broking firm or its customers can be linked

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