कच्चे तेल में बढ़त, सोने में जोरदार चमक

डॉलर में कमजोरी के बाद अंतर्राष्ट्रीय बाजारों में क्रूड के दाम में बढ़ोतरी हुई है, फिलहाल ब्रेंट क्रूड 55 डॉलर के ऊपर ट्रेड कर रहा है। डॉलर एक महीने के निचले स्तर पर पहुंच गया है लेकिन सोने ने 2 महीनों की ऊंचाई को छू लिया है।

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  1. कच्चा तेल एमसीएक्स: खरीदें – 3580, स्टॉपलॉस – 3500, लक्ष्य – 3700.
  2. सोना एमसीएक्स: खरीदें – 28750, स्टॉपलॉस – 28500 लक्ष्य – 29000.

Gold steady as unease with Trump policy weighs on dollar

Gold prices were steady on Tuesday as the dollar remained under pressure on signs that United States President Donald Trump would adopt a protectionist stance on trade.

http://www.ripplesadvisory.comSpot gold was mostly unchanged at $1,217.42 per ounce by 0337 GMT, after hitting their strongest since Nov. 22 at $1,219.59 earlier in the session. Spot gold looks exhausted and may again fail to break a strong resistance at $1,219 per ounce before retracing towards a support at $1,196, according to Reuters technical analyst Wang Tao.

U.S. gold futures inched up 0.2 percent, to $1,218.

Trump formally withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal on Monday and told U.S. manufacturing executives he would impose a hefty border tax on firms that import products after moving American factories overseas.

कमोडिटी बाजारः सोने-चांदी में बढ़त

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अमेरिका में राष्ट्रपति पद पर डोनाल्ड ट्रंप की ताजपोशी के बाद डॉलर टूट गया है। डॉलर में 0.25 फीसदी से ज्यादा की गिरावट आई है। लेकिन ऐसे में रुपये को काफी सपोर्ट मिला है और डॉलर के मुकाबले रुपया मजबूती के साथ कारोबार कर रहा है। हालांकि डॉलर में आई गिरावट से ग्लोबल कमोडिटी बाजार की चाल बदल गई है। सोने का दाम करीब 0.25 फीसदी बढ़ गया है। कॉमैक्स पर सोना 1218 डॉलर के स्तर पर कारोबार हो रहा है। वहीं चांदी में भी करीब 0.5 फीसदी की तेजी आई है।

http://www.ripplesadvisory.com घरेलू बाजार में भी सोना और चांदी बढ़त पर कारोबार कर रहे हैं। फिलहाल एमसीएक्स पर सोना 0.5 फीसदी की तेजी के साथ 28,785 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है। चांदी 0.7 फीसदी की मजबूती के साथ 41700 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रही है।

कच्चे तेल में गिरावट शुरू हो गई है। एमसीएक्स पर कच्चा तेल 0.25 फीसदी फिसलकर 3630 रुपये पर आ गया है। नैचुरल गैस 2 फीसदी की जोरदार गिरावट के साथ 217.3 रुपये पर आ गया है।बेस मेटल्स में जोरदार तेजी आई है। फिलहाल एमसीएक्स पर एल्युमीनियम 0.4 फीसदी बढ़कर 126.5 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है। कॉपर 0.7 फीसदी की तेजी के साथ 397.5 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है। निकेल 2 फीसदी की मजबूती के साथ 671.5 रुपये पर पहुंच गया है। लेड में 1 फीसदी और जिंक में 1.4 फीसदी की उछाल देखने को मिल रही है।

  1.   सोना एमसीएक्स (फरवरी वायदा) : खरीदें – 28720, स्टॉपलॉस – 28620 और लक्ष्य – 28900.
  2. कॉपर एमसीएक्स (फरवरी वायदा) : खरीदें – 3600, स्टॉपलॉस – 3568 और लक्ष्य – 3670.
  3. निकेल एमसीएक्स (जनवरी वायदा) : खरीदें – 670, स्टॉपलॉस – 662 और लक्ष्य – 685.


Gold trading range for the day is 28455-28781.Gold prices edged higher as caution surrounding Donald Trumps future policies continued to boost demand for the safe-haven precious metal.Demand for gold was also boosted by data showing that Chinas gross domestic product rose 6.8% in the fourth quarter of 2016, in line with expectations.

Turmeric trading range for the day is 6804-7020.Turmeric prices gained supported by surging domestic as well as exports demand in the spot market.Though, some gains were capped on reports of higher output and scattered commencement of crop supplies in the producing centers.In Sangli (Maharashtra), new Turmeric crop coming to the market with small quantity around 450 bags.In Nizamabad, a major spot market in AP, the price ended at 7325 rupees remains unchanged at0 rupees.

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 Jeera trading range for the day is 17340-18220.Jeera gained due to weak supplies position amid good demand from exporters.Though, some gains were capped on expectation of increase in Jeera area in Gujarat state mainly in Saurashtra and Kutch zone current year.Sowing has been good so far and weather conditions are also favorable for jeera crop.In Unjha, a key spot market in Gujarat, jeera edged up by 35.9 rupees to end at 18591.65 rupee per 100 kg.

Government to infuse Rs 1,894 cr in SBI -Ripples Advisory

The Indian Government has said that it has asked State Bank of India to take necessary regulatory approvals for the fund infusion as the Government is planning to infuse Rs 1,894 crore capital into the bank. As per reports, this is the part of Rs 7,575 crore capital infusion announced by the government in July last year.

As per the announcement, the government released 75 per cent of the amount while the rest was withheld. Commenting on the issue, a Government Official told the media, “In continuation of decision of July 19, 2016, the government has approved to increase the paid up capital by way of preferential allotment of equity shares.”

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Cabinet okays MoU with UAE for cooperation in agriculture

The government has approved the signing of an agreement between India and the United Arab Emirates in the area of agriculture and allied sectors.

“The Union Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has given its approval for signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and the United Arab Emirates in the field of agriculture and allied sectors,” an official statement said.

“It will promote understanding of best agricultural practices in the two countries and will help in better productivity at farmer fields as well as improved global market access leading to equity and inclusiveness,” it said.

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The cooperation in agricultural technology would lead to innovative techniques for increasing productivity leading to strengthening of food security, the statement said.

Crude Palm Oil Update By Ripples Advisory

Crude palm Oil on MCX settled up by 0.08% at 595.3 amid supply worries from Malaysia and on strong Malaysian palm oil export data for Dec 1-15. Palm oil shipments rose 12% from 464,582 tons in Dec. 1-15 period, according to Societe Generale de Surveillance. Malaysia Feb. Crude Palm Oil Export Tax raised to 7.5%.

The MPOB monthly data for December has reconfirmed the supply tightness for Palm oil.  Production has declined by 0.10 mn in line with the seasonal trend of production decline. Lower exports have offset the lower production which led to a steady stock. Stock continues to be on a five year low keeping the supply tightness story intact.

                  Trading Ideas 

  1. CPO trading range for the day is 591.7-599.1.
  2. Crude palm oil prices ended with gains amid supply worries from Malaysia and on strong Malaysian palm oil export data for Dec 1-15.
  3. Stock continues to be on a five year low keeping the supply tightness story intact.
  4. As per MPOB Palm oil output may rise by 12 % this year to 19.4 million tons from 17.4 million tons in 2016.
  5. Crude palm oil prices in spot market dropped by 0.90 rupees and settled at 601.10 rupees.

India rules out lowering sugar import tax for now – government source

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India, the world’s biggest sugar consumer, has no plan to lower import duty on the sweetener, at least in the near term, a government official said on Thursday.

Sugar prices in the local market have risen more than 10 percent in a month on an expected drop in production after back-to-back drought ravaged cane crop in the top producing western state of Maharashtra.

Traders were speculating that the price increase may force the government to lower import duty.

India’s sugar production in 2016/17 is likely to fall to 22 million tonnes, down 4.3 percent from an earlier estimate, as mills in Maharashtra are closing early due to a cane shortage, industry officials told Reuters.

Centre okays establishment of farm research institute in Jharkhand

The Union Cabinet has approved setting up of an off-campus of the Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) in Jharkhand. “The Cabinet has given its approval for establishment of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Jharkhand,” an official statement said.

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“It will have an estimated outlay of Rs 200.78 crore on 1,000-acre land provided by the government of Jharkhand at the Gauria Karma Village in Barhi Block of Hazaribagh,” it said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired the Cabinet meeting.

Jharkhand is ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party. lARI-Jharkhand would be a unique institution, which would possess all the hallmark identities of the IARI at New Delhi, including all sectors of agriculture like field crops, horticultural crops, agro-forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, poultry, piggery, silk and lac rearing, honey production etc., the statement said. The IARI-Jharkhand would work on the agrarian challenges and complexities of eastern India with all the existing central and state government research and development institutions and private sector enterprises.