Rupee weakens, 8 paise falls at 66.20

On Monday, the first trading day of the week coincided with the fall. The rupee depreciated by 8 paise to 66.20 against the dollar. On Friday, the rupee closed at 66.12 with a big drop. On Friday, the rupee declined by 33 paise. The details of Reserve Bank’s Monitoring Policy meeting indicate that there may be a change in monetary policy stance at the June meeting. This raises the pressure on the rupee.ripplesadvisory

Friday started with 27 paise weakness

The rupee was 27 paise lower at 66.06 against the dollar on Friday, the last trading day of last week. With this fall the rupee reaches 13 months low. For the first time since March 2017, the rupee has come down to 66 levels. On Thursday, 3 paise was closed at 65.79 level.

Reasons for Declining Rupees

jay Kedia, director of the Kedia Commodity, says that the rise in Brent crude oil prices and FII sales have weakened in rupee terms. From which the rupee came to a low of 1 year.

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