Sluggish in turmeric, the possibility of accumulation in coriander

Prices of turmeric futures (December) are likely to be trending.

MCX ServiceAfter every hike in the prices of light, selling can be registered with an impediment of close to Rs 6,835. Turmeric production is estimated to increase by 20% in the current season, because farmers preferred to cultivate turmeric in place of non-profit crops like maize and sugarcane in Maharashtra, thereby increasing the production area of ​​turmeric. Due to long life span of turmeric and used in the manufacture of medicines, farmers also increased the production area of ​​turmeric. Due to this, business leaders are not taking long positions due to the possibility of arrival of new crop of turmeric in the crop.

Due to the fears of low production areas and the possibility of an increase in demand for Diwali, prices of cumin futures (December) are likely to be trending and prices can reach level of Rs 21,400. In addition, cumin over stock of cumin is estimated to be 2,00,000-3,00,000 bags (1 bag of 55 kg), which is less than 5,00,000 bags estimated. The arrival of the new crop will begin in February. Due to availability of cumin, the price may be helpful due to the availability of cumin.

Prices of coriander futures (December) may continue up to Rs 6,600. According to sources, in Rajasthan and Gujarat this year sowing can be reduced by 30%. Worldwide, the production of coriander in Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russia is estimated to be approximately half this year. Given this, the production of coriander at the world level is estimated at 40%.

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