Sluggishness in the turmeric, cumin and cardamom signals

Prices of turmeric futures (October) prices are likely to be retained.

MCX ServicePrices of turmeric can be hindered at Rs 6,815. Due to a weakening of domestic and local demand, spot prices are declining in the yard markets. Due to the inward flow of medium and poor quality, the buyers’ market participation is low and low prices are giving. Even turmeric prices are not supported due to low inwardness.

Prices of cumin futures (October) have come out of the scope of stability and for two weeks, strength is seen after taking support at the level of 19,745 and prices can be increased to Rs 20,200-20,300. Due to higher demand from domestic and overseas buyers, the price trend is increasing. In countries like Syria and Turkey, due to bad weather this year due to low supply of cumin, India has a right to export of cumin seed.
Prices of cardamom futures (October) can be supported at the level of Rs 1,360 and prices of prices may remain intact. The availability of cardamom in the coming days may reduce the availability of crops due to frequent rainfall and floods in Kerala due to crop damage.

Prices of coriander futures (October) are likely to be traded in the range of 5,190-5,300 rupees. Carriage stock has become quite big due to substantial production and more imports. Consumption of coriander is not happening much, whereas it is news that India is likely to import about 7,400 tonnes of coriander, powder, and soap in April-June period. <

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