Sustainability Certified India Tea Estates Violate Worker Rights – Report

Tea estates in southern India are hiring temporary workers during peak plucking season and denying these labourers basic rights as required by law, said a report released on Tuesday.

A survey in of Tamil Nadu at two tea estates – both certified by the international nonprofit Rainforest Alliance – found that in 2015, up to half of the workforce were temporary workers, and most were migrants or retirees.We are provide all,Agri Commodity Market Tips,nse bse tips, and you can call us on :-9827808090.

Focus group discussions and individual interviews with the workers showed the casual labourers did not receive a bonus, contributions for their children’s school fees, a pension fund, crèche facilities or other social security benefits given to permanent workers.

“Tea workers around the world are facing dangerous and degrading working conditions,” said the report by India-based Glocal Research and The India Committee of the Netherlands, non-governmental organisations working on labour and human rights.

Tea plantations in India – the world’s second largest producer of tea after China – employ an estimated 3.5 million workers, the report said.